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Faraway News.


Faraway News by
Faraway Quilts

Anne has made a few subtle changes to the website making it easy to see at a glance, what is on offer.  Thank you techno whiz!!!

Over the next couple of days I will be listing the ‘Snuggle’ quilts on their own page and also offering some quilts at ‘sale’ prices.  I need to make more room for new quilts! This will be the opportunity to grab a bargain and you might just pick up a gift for someone special.

My quilts are such a handy item to have – warm in winter and with our summer just around the corner, these are the perfect weight when we just need more than a sheet over us when sleeping. Being made with 100% cotton top and backing and the 80/20 cotton batting between, this mix is perfect for year round comfort for all the family.

Custom made Dragon quilt

Cheryl's dragons

Yes,  ‘Dragons in my Castle’ have returned!  This is one I have almost finished for a customer. As with all my quilts I do like to make them unique and not to have any 2 exactly the same (unless requested of course). I have been lucky enough to find a limited amount of the ‘Dragons’ fabric as I have another order and hopefully will have enough fabric to complete one more.



Another new quilt on the way.

Blue:cream:beige snuggle quilt

This little quilt will be approximately 100cm square, so perfect for the little one in the family. I really love the blue and cream colours of this one. Great for a little boy.

The pattern of this is the all time favourite Log Cabin.  This is such a versatile pattern as it can go together in numerous layout styles. This one will be in the ‘fields and furrows’ layout.

Well, if I don’t get back to the quilting machine my plans and promises to get new quilts on the site, will not be met!!

Please contact me if you have a special request for a handmade patchwork quilt.



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