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Contact Me Information by
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If someone sends me an enquiry via the Contact page I endeavour to get back to them pretty well as soon as I get the message.

Unfortunately, there have a been a couple of instances where my reply email has ‘bounced’ right back to me as undeliverable, even after several attempts

If you do not receive a reply from me within 24 hours, please call me or send a text to my mobile.

Mobile number: 0400 924 822

If you are one who has not received a reply from me, my apologies. I have probably tried and it has come back as undeliverable.

Thank you to all my wonderful customers.

2 Responses so far.

  1. Leanne DALTON SANTOS says:

    I am interested in commissioning a specific coloured quilt in a King size. I would like it to be white with Forest of Federation Green inlays similar to the pattern on the quilt on your home page?

    I would be grateful if you could contact me so that we can discuss this request & cost.

    Cheers Leanne

    • admin says:

      Hello Leanne
      Unfortunately, I am unable to make quilts in King size. This is due to the limited width of my quilting frame. The frame can take up to app. 180cm in width. Mostly, I concentrate on making smaller quilts for children up to lap size quilt.
      I do hope you can find someone to make a quilt for you.
      Many thanks for your enquiry

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